She's The One

The last eighteen months have been trying, to say the very least. We’ve all been through more than we could have possibly imagined, but — silver lining — it’s also been a time of rediscovering what, and who, is most important and precious in life. Like “her”.

We all have a “her” in our life, whether she’s a mum, sister or grandmother, an aunt, best friend or neighbour. Generous, kind and thoughtful, she’s the woman who makes life just a little easier, fuller, more joyful, whether she’s lending an ear, a hand, or a glass of wine.

And now is the time to celebrate this special woman (or women, if you’re really lucky). It can be hard to express just how grateful you are to have her in your life, but there is a gift that always delights: home fragrance.

A scented home brings calmness and happiness to her world, helping her to relax, reflect, rewind and reset. So say thank you and show her who matters the most with Circa’s range of luxe candles and diffusers.


This Mother’s Day, we’ve dreamed up a scent that speaks to this moment, that encompasses what this slowed-down-but-still-busy time means to us.

Fresh, salty and citrusy, our limited-edition Mimosa Mist fragrance features a blend of notes: it opens with top notes of Green Verbena, Crisp Citrus and Saltwater Accord, heart notes of creamy Jasmine, powdery Mimosa, Herbaceous Lavender and spicy Cardamom, and Smooth Rosewood, Rich Vetiver, and warm Sandalwood and Musk, linger as the base notes. Together, they simultaneously energise and envelope, wrapping the home in a comforting hug and instantly transporting her out of the everyday and into an oasis of tranquility.  


Our memories are inextricably linked with our sense of smell – it’s why one whiff of a specific scent can instantly bring to mind a particular time, place or person. Our Mother’s Day Mimosa Mist home collection helps her fragrance every part of her house, bringing a sense of serenity and a smile to her face every time she remembers who helped elevate this special moment (that would be you).  


Our high-quality, hand-poured 260g candle is handmade in Australia using soy blend wax, lead-free cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils. The glass jar is reusable, and all the packaging is recyclable.


Made with a mix of high-quality fragrance, alcohol and water, the 250ml diffuser is designed to disperse scent subtly throughout a space, and is an elegant decorative element in any room of the house.


Flame-free and spill-proof, our Liquidless Diffuser is made for busy households with small children, clumsy partners, or pets. Using unique dry diffusion technology, each individual stem is infused with one of two scents, Mimosa Mist or Vanilla & Allspice — a cosy and inviting blend of Vanilla, Allspice, Patchouli and Bergamot, that’s guaranteed to soothe the senses — so she can mix and match and create her own bespoke blend.

And of course…

All of our Circa products are free from parabens and PEGs, are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly.

This Mother’s Day, show her how much you appreciate her, with a scent as lovely as her.