Discover Mimosa Mist

Created especially for Mother’s Day, our limited-edition Mimosa Mist fragrance is a medley of notes, including Green Verbena, Saltwater Accord, Herbaceous Lavender, Jasmine, Rich Vetiver, Musk and Sandalwood, that form a Fresh and comforting scent that will enchant her.

Mimosa is an Australian acacia tree with delicate fern-like leaves and yellow flowers. It has a sweet, warm, powdery scent with facets of almond, honey, violet and fresh cucumber.

Originally, the plant was found in the warmer climates of Africa and Asia before being cultivated in other parts of the world such as Australia and California. When the French began to grow Mimosa in the hills and mountains outside of Nice they made their new native bloom a permanent part of the celebratory decorations during special events.

Floats used in parades are traditionally covered in yellow pompoms as a sign of joy and good luck. In the United States, the pretty yellow spheres have become symbolic as the official flower of “Women’s Day”.